"Raising MS Awareness One Lake Swim at a Time "


At 51 years of age, I found myself standing on the pool deck, permanently disabled, out of the workforce, and wondering what I was going to do now? Taking stock of my life, my talents, my strengths and accomplishments, and all of the things my MS had robbed me of doing and enjoying is when I realized swimming was not one of them. I started swimming at a very young age and have been swimming ever since. Swimming is an activity that I have always found pleasure in and I am still able to enjoy doing, and do well. Swimming solely with my upper-body using a pull buoy to float my legs mind you.  


Soon after in 2013, I found myself in the Pacific Ocean doing my first open water swim. A two mile swim at Hermosa Beach, CA benefitting The Challenged Athletes Foundation. I was enlightened and enthused upon returning home knowing that I had just found my new love and purpose in life. A means by which I can bring about much needed

MS Awareness through my Open Water Swimming.

Swimming since become my new vocation and the vehicle I use in raising Worldwide MS Awareness and Inspiring Others of All Abilities. 



2013 SWIMS:  Board Shorts Mile  (Hermosa Beach, CA)

                      Challenged Athletes Triathlon (La Jolla Cove, CA)   

2014 SWIMS:  Naples Island SUP & Swim (Long Beach, CA) 

                       Shark Fest San Diego / Coronado (San Diego, CA) 

2015 SWIMS:  Naples Island SUP & Swim (Long Beach, CA) 

                       Shark Fest San Diego / Coronado (San Diego, CA) 

 2016 SWIMS:  Naples Island SUP & Swim (Long Beach, CA)                                                            Shark Fest San Diego / Coronado (San Diego, CA)   

2017 SWIMS:   Shaver Lake (Shaver Lake, CA / Sierra Nevada Mountains)

                      Naples Island SUP & Swim (Long Beach, CA)                                      

                      Shark Fest San Diego (Coronado Island / San Diego, CA)

2018 SWIMS:  Huntington Lake, CA / Western Sierra Nevada Mountains)


2019 SWIMS:   Bass Lake, CA   (Western Sierra Nevada Mountains)                                            Naples Island SUP & Swim (Long Beach, CA)

2020 (NO SWIMS DUE TO COVID-19)   

2021 SWIMS:   June Lake, CA   (Western Sierra Nevada Mountains)                                        Gull Lake, CA  (Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains)
                       Lake Mary  (Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains)


2021 Sierra Nevada Open Water 4MS - Swim Trifecta  
June Lake, Gull Lake, & Lake Mary


Richard Gardner (Dix)
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